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Accessories for the Home

Home Accessories

When creating the perfect interior design for your home, no detail is too small. That is why the team at Kugler’s Home Fashions carries an entire collection of home accessories. We have everything from wall mirrors to plant stands to wall art to clocks to throw pillows. Our team can find the perfect home accessories for you no matter what aesthetic style you prefer. We have items that fit a classic style, modern pieces, and home accessories for every color and pattern scheme. Here are some of the home accessories we offer.

Living room with white sofa and fire place. Silhouette window treatments in the large windows

Wall Art

If you want to express your unique sense of style and personal interests, wall art is a great way to do that. You can choose the perfect color and design to match your other decor or create a focal point gallery wall in a room. Wall decor also isn’t limited to just paintings. Framed posters, mounted display cases, collectibles, and taxidermy can all be wall art. Our interior designers can also help you arrange your current wall art and find new pieces to add to your collection.


There are several different types of clocks that you can use as home accessories. Wall clocks, mantle clocks, table clocks, and standing grandfather clocks can add aesthetic value to your interior. The beauty of clocks is that their design options are nearly endless. You can find a superhero clock for a children’s room, one that plays birdcalls on the hour for your screened-in porch, or a fine wooden mantle clock to figure as a centerpiece in your dining room. Let our team help you tell the time in a way you will enjoy.

Home Accessories, Wall Mirrors, Wall Art, Plant Stands, Pillows
Home Accessories, Wall Mirrors, Wall Art, Plant Stands, Pillows, Clocks, Candles near Silver Springs, Maryland (MD)

Plants & Plant Stands

If you want to brighten up a room in your home, plants and plant stands are an excellent way to do it. Plant stands are available in several heights and configurations and can be decorative home accessories all on their own. There are also artificial plant options for those who worry about watering and caring for plants. Choose plastic plants, dried flowers, nuts, and fake berries to add a natural element that will never wilt.

Cushions, Poofs, and Throw Pillows

These home accessories are a wonderful addition to any home. Changing the throw pillows on a bed or couch is a simple way to update the aesthetic style of a room. You can also use throw pillows and cushions to add extra seating or create relaxing nooks in your home. We offer throw pillows that match our window treatments so you can have a unified style throughout your home.


The beauty of a wall mirror is that it is more than just an aesthetic decoration. Wall mirrors can create the illusion that a space is much larger. You can also use strategically placed mirrors to bounce light around a room and create a more open space. Of course, let’s not forget the added benefit of being able to see yourself. You can even choose uniquely shaped or etched mirrors to turn your home accessories into decorative elements.

Candles & Candle Sticks

What makes home accessories so wonderful is the incredible variety, and candles are no exception. Candles and candle sticks come in various shapes, sizes, and colors that you can use to decorate empty shelves or other seldom-used surfaces. Candles also serve the practical purpose of providing light, and you can choose scented candles to set a specific mood in your home.

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Since 1977 Kugler’s Home Fashions has been helping our customers create interior designs they can be proud of. We carry everything you need to decorate your home from floor to ceiling, and our selection fits every aesthetic style. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect window treatments and home accessories for every remodeling project, and we will come to your home to finalize every detail. You can visit our showroom in Silver Springs to view our interactive displays or contact us to request a personalized consultation. Kugler’s Home Fashions is family owned and locally operated. We are located in Silver Springs, Maryland, and proudly serve the surrounding area, including Bethesda & Chevy Chase, Maryland, Mclean, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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