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What’s New with Interior Shutters?

The window treatment industry is constantly evolving. With new and improving technological innovations, materials, and design, window treatments seemingly change almost yearly. The same can be said for specific window coverings as well, such as interior shutters.

Hunter Douglas composite shutters filtering light into a contemporary bedroom near Silver Springs, MD

Kugler’s Home Fashions carries a wide assortment of Hunter Douglas shutters designed to provide incredible, long-lasting performance. At Kugler’s Home Fashions, we discuss some of the ways interior shutters are improving and what that means for you when searching for new window treatments for your home.

Different Materials with Interior Shutters

When interior shutters were first introduced, they were commonly made of wood. While this gorgeous material is still a popular choice among many of today’s homeowners, technological advancements have given rise to more modern, manmade materials.

For example, NewStyle® Composite Shutters are a great option for individuals looking for a fresh, hard-wearing window treatment. These shutters mimic the look of hardwood, but their composite materials offer additional strength. Because of this, these hybrid shutters make great additions to areas of the home that have heavy traffic.

On the other hand, vinyl shutters from Hunter Douglas have an elevated ability to resist water and UV rays, plus an interior construction reinforced with aluminum bracing and resin blocks, resulting in long-lasting strength that you can enjoy for years.

Interior Shutters Provide Customization

Another way that we’re seeing interior shutters change is through color. The world of interior design changes from year to year, and it’s important that homeowners have décor and furniture and can keep up with the trends. This is why, with over 20 color choices, opting for Hunter Douglas Heritance® Wood Shutters can be a great idea if you’re looking to add some fresh color to your layout or complement an interior design style that you want to try out in your home.

You will also see changes in how interior shutters are designed from year to year. Homeowners can customize the size of the louvers on their interior shutters to change the treatment’s aesthetic. Wider louvers can be up to 4 ½" on Hunter Douglas shutters and have a more contemporary feel than narrower options. Meanwhile, louvers with smaller louvers, such as 2 ½", offer a more classic style and provide better privacy.

Get Advanced Technology with Your Interior Shutters

Hunter Douglas is also one of the pioneers in the window treatment industry when it comes to implementing technology into their products. Some shutters, like the Palm Beach® Polysatin® Vinyl Shutters, have the optional enhancement of PowerView® Automation.

This addition makes it easy to control the opening and closing of your shutters without any manual movement. By using PowerView® Automation, homeowners can control their Hunter Douglas shutters through an app, a remote, or even through their smart-home system.

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Learn more about the latest advancements in interior shutters by requesting a consultation with our team at Kugler’s Home Fashion. Work with us to customize shutters to match your home’s interior design aesthetic and address any functional needs in the space.

When you’re ready to see which Hunter Douglas interior shutters are right for your home, you can contact us online. Kugler’s Home Fashion is located near Silver Springs, Maryland, and serves the surrounding areas in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.