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5 of the Most Useful Upgrades for Roman Shades

Why do we love Roman shades? Is it their graceful aesthetic with sculpted fabric folds? Yes. Is it their ability to create the ambiance of stylish relaxation while also adroitly controlling incoming sunlight? Also, yes. Are the many modern upgrades for Roman shades that make them easier to use while helping lower energy costs? Another resounding yes.

Upgrades for Roman Shades, Hunter Douglas Vignette® Roman Shades near Silver Spring, Maryland (MD)

There are many reasons that we may love Roman shades, but it is, in fact, that last feature, the ability to take in and grow from the incorporation of modern upgrades, that has kept this type of window treatment at the forefront of popularity since its introduction in ancient Rome. Nowadays, upgrades for Roman shades include the latest operating systems and features that improve the shade’s ability to control incoming natural light and create a range of interior lighting options for homeowners.

5 of the Most Useful Upgrades for Roman Shades

  1. Motorization for Better Efficiency: Two main benefits exist for homeowners who upgrade to motorized Roman shades using the PowerView® system. First is easier access with a variety of user-friendly interfaces, including remotes, an online app, and the ability to integrate into both home assistant and smart home programs. Second, automated features can improve efficiency through scheduled operation with consistent and optimized movements.
  2. Light-Loving Features for Roman Shades: Since one of the primary needs of any shade is to control light, upgrades to Roman shades that provide that expanded control can be incredibly worthwhile. The innovative Top-Down/Bottom-Up system, available as an upgrade on Roman shades by Hunter Douglas, doubles a shade’s movement options and resulting lighting solutions that shades can provide by allowing the treatment to open from the top or bottom.
  3. Superior Insulation for Comfortable Homes: Solera® Roman Shades have the added benefit of an underlying cellular construction similar to honeycomb shades. This unique design adds an incredible amount of insulation to traditional Roman shades for treatments with the same beloved look of classic Roman shades but a hidden strength beneath. This insulating strength helps improve the overall energy efficiency of a house, adding to the structure’s ability to regulate interior temperatures more consistently with less need for pricey artificial means.
  4. Darker Interiors with Blackout Options: In rooms where you may need both filtered light and blackout interiors like bedrooms or family rooms used both during the day and night, the Duolite® system offers a creative solution. Duolite® Vignette® Roman Shades combine a light-filtering Roman shade in front and a room-darkening, blackout shade in the back for a window treatment with a decidedly enhanced ability to provide interior lighting suitable for a wide range of situations.
  5. Elevated Style with Designer Fabrics: When it comes to fabric treatments like Roman shades, no single element will elevate style more than the fabric choice. Design Studio™ Roman Shades have several lines of exclusive designer fabrics that will lift residential style with the latest in textile art and pattern making. Additionally, working with a professional team of design experts helps ensure your designer Roman shades are styled to fit your home’s décor.

Explore the latest upgrades for Roman shades at Kugler’s Home Fashions. Work with the team to craft one-of-a-kind treatments to meet your household’s unique daily needs from the wide selection of Roman shades in the Hunter Douglas collection. Kugler’s Home Fashions is located near Silver Springs, Maryland, and serves the tri-state area of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Request a consultation today.