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The Many Benefits of Insulated Window Treatments

The first chilly gust of winter may make us think about the importance of properly insulating our homes, but in reality, insulation is a year-round necessity for comfortable home environments. One of the most significant vulnerabilities in insulation for homes is often the windows, so insulated window treatments are essential for overall control. Cellular shades have a unique honeycomb interior that traps air in fabric pockets along the shade-like vanes. This creates a solid insulating layer over windows that boast many advantages for homeowners, from energy savings to personal comfort.

Insulated Window Treatments, Cellular Shades, Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades near Silver Spring, Maryland (MD)

5 Benefits of Upgrading to Insulated Window Treatments

1. Energy Savings

The number one benefit of insulating window treatments lies right in their name, insulation. Insulated window treatments help to keep the cold out during the winter and the heat out during the summer so that your home’s interior temperature isn’t thrown off by exterior elements. This will reduce your home’s need for artificial heating or cooling for year-round energy saving.

2. Elevated Comfort

By helping to control the influx of energy from outside, insulated shades ensure a more consistently comfortable interior temperature. Don’t worry about drafts sneaking in because your windows and comfort are both well protected with cellular shades.

3. Noise Reduction

An additional benefit of the cellular construction of insulated window treatments is that noise is absorbed with great acuity. This results in quieter interiors and better environmental control for homeowners.

4. Motorized Operating Systems

For cellular shades by Hunter Douglas, PowerView® Automation elevates the precision and performance of insulated window treatments with optimized, automated scheduling.

5. Expanded Light Control

Like all window coverings, insulated window treatments control sunlight coming into a home. Select styles of cellular shades from Hunter Douglas are available with Duolite®, an innovative operating system that combines a light-filtering shade and a room-darkening shade into a single unit for insulating window treatments with an expanded spectrum of light control.

Cellular Shades by Hunter Douglas

The Hunter Douglas collection of insulated window treatments includes three distinct styles of cellular shades. And while all three insulated window treatments share a cellular construction, each has individual attributes and features that may be important to different homeowners.

  • Insulated Honeycomb Shades: Duette® Cellular Shades are a classic honeycomb design with single or double-cell construction deliberately engineered for year-round energy savings.
  • Insulated Roller Shades: A second style of insulated window treatment in the Hunter Douglas collection is Sonnette® Roller Shades. This modern interpretation of cellular shades takes the insulating power of the honeycomb design and combines it with the streamlined operation of roller shades for a chic and sleek modern interpretation of classic insulating cellular shades.
  • Insulated Roman Shades: Much like Sonnette Roller Shades, Solera® Roman Shades are a hybrid of cellular shades and a secondary window treatment style, in this case, Roman shades. This design of insulated window treatments has the sculpted fabric look of Roman shades fortified with the insulating capabilities of cellular shades.

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