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Stay Cool in the Summer with Cellular Shades

Homeowners looking to keep their home cooler in the summer will find a unique solution in the one-of-a-kind construction of cellular shades. This style of window covering utilizes air pockets sewn into the shade horizontally like slats on a blind for insulation. These air pockets create an insulating layer within the shade, making these treatments excellent at blocking energy transfer through windows. And since experts estimate that up to 30% of unwanted energy transfer in a home can occur through windows, upgrading to new cellular shades can make quite a difference this summer as you try to stay calm through the seasonal heat.

Hunter Douglas Sonette® Roller Shades decorating a wood-floored bedroom near Silver Spring, MD

3 Ways Cellular Shades Keep Homes Cooler

1: Insulating against solar heat

While natural sunlight has many benefits, in the summer, the solar heat that travels with it is almost always unwelcome. That’s because solar heat will raise interior temperatures to uncomfortable highs and increase the amount of costly air conditioning that is needed to regulate the space. Cellular shades use their inner insulating air pockets to block natural sunlight, keeping solar heat out of a home so that it cannot affect the interior atmosphere.

2: Preventing energy loss

Just like you don’t want solar heat coming in and disrupting the homeostasis of your home environment, you also don’t want your AC escaping because then you’re paying to cool the outside. The insulation from cellular shades works both ways, keeping heat out but also keeping cool in. This creates stability in the interior temperature of your home and does so with passive efficiency helping to save energy without consuming any additional energy.

3: Keeping energy costs cool

There’s nothing that gets the blood boiling more than a high energy bill, and with Atlantic coast summers being a mix of humidity and heat, often ACs push energy consumption, and the resulting bills sky high. Stay cool at home physically and financially with cellular shades that organically keep temperatures lower, resulting in smaller monthly energy bills, which every homeowner will agree is quite cool.

3 Styles of Cellular Shades from Hunter Douglas

Duette® Cellular Shades

A classic style of cellular shade renowned for its insulating properties and sophisticated looks with over 150 fabric color choices. Duette Cellular Shades can also be equipped with the latest advanced design technology, including PowerView® Automation for motorized shades, LightLock® for blackout shades, and the Duolite® system for the ultimate in flexible light control.

Sonnette® Roller Shades

A modern hybridization of roller shades and cellular shades with the streamlined design of the former and the insulating power of the latter. Sonnette® Roller Shades are also compatible with PowerView Automation for homeowners interested in exploring the benefits of motorized cellular shades.

Layered Window Fashions

Combining either style of cellular shade in the Hunter Douglas collection with custom drapery creates striking layered window fashions with elevated insulating properties and a one-of-a-kind style customizable to individual homes.

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