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How to Choose New Kitchen Shades

For many households, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where we prepare for the day and gather with our loved ones after a long day of work. From providing sustenance for our daily lives to being the backdrop of special occasions, kitchens play an important part in family life.

Duette® Cellular Shades in a kitchen window near Silver Springs, MD

Because of this, kitchens are typically high traffic areas, and they will require quality shades if you want to block out unwanted light and create a cohesive design style. If you need new kitchen shades but you are struggling to find a product that works for you, Kugler’s Home Fashions provides an assortment of Hunter Douglas window treatments, as well as a few tips to keep in mind when shopping.

Look for Moisture Resistant Treatments

Due to the type of activities that take place in a kitchen, moisture levels in this room can be much higher than other residential rooms. When the active use of water is combined with the humidity of a Maryland summer, moisture-resistant shades become vital for the residential kitchen.

Hunter Douglas vinyl shutters are both moisture and UV resistant for long lasting kitchen shades. Additionally, they have the benefit of the optional upgrade to PowerView® Automation. This technology allows you to conveniently open or close your shutters, even when you’re in the middle of preparing a meal.

Prioritize Easy Cleanup

Daily cooking can lead to grimy, messy conditions in your kitchen. Save time and elbow grease by prioritizing easy-to-clean kitchen shades when shopping for new window treatments. Blinds are some of the easiest window treatments to clean, largely due to their hard slats. They are largely impervious to most messes and require only dusting or a wipe-down with a damp rag to stay clean.

Opt for a Spectrum of Light Control

Kitchens do much more than host large gatherings. From midnight snacks to family breakfast to packing lunch the evening before work, kitchens are high traffic areas. Because of this, choosing a window treatment with a wide range of light control such as sheer shades can ensure homeowners will have access to a wide range of interior lighting to fit whatever is happening in the kitchen on any given day.

Consider Insulation

Windows, no matter what room they are in, pose a risk to the energy efficiency of a home. Up to 30% of the unwanted energy exchange that happens between the inside of the home and outside world is done through windows. Cellular shades are insulating thanks to their unique cellular construction. Using them in rooms throughout your home (including your kitchen) will help stop that unwanted energy transfer, making interior environments more stable and lowering monthly energy consumption.

Hunter Douglas has several styles of cellular shades such as Duette® Cellular Shades and the Sonnette® Roller Shades. In addition, there are vertical and horizontal applications to fit picture windows, skylights, bay windows, and door windows.

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Work with the team at Kugler’s Home Fashion to update your kitchen windows with new kitchen shades. Select from an assortment of Hunter Douglas products and experience the benefit of industry expertise and personalized customer service from our locally owned business. Located in Silver Springs, Maryland, our company is proud to serve the areas of Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. Call us today at (301) 580-3222 or visit us online to request a consultation.