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Comparing Sheer and Solar Shades for your Home

If you have two priorities when it comes to your next set of window coverings, and those two priorities are light control and view-through visibility, odds are you already know that you're looking at sheer and solar shades as window treatment options. After all, these two types of treatments utilize view-through materials of different opacities for preserving the view and providing light control. Come along with us as we explore the similarities and differences between sheer and solar shades to help you better understand which would work best in your home.

Sheer and Solar Shades, Hunter Douglas Designer Solar Shades near Silver Spring, Maryland (MD)

3 Similarities Between Sheer and Solar Shades

  1. Same Ambiance: With the use of see-through materials, both sheer and solar shades create an airy, serene ambiance. Their view-through qualities allow in natural light and a view of the outdoors and make the rooms the shades are in feel more spacious and open. Also, they provide a visual focal point in the space and a way that residents can stay connected with the outdoors even when stuck inside.
  2. UV Protection: Both sheer shades and solar shades protect homes against UV. This harmful element in natural sunlight can damage flooring, furnishings, décor, and wall art in a home causing fabrics to fade, wood to crack, and plastics to rot prematurely. Sheer and solar shades filter out UV to varying degrees depending on the fabric's level of opacity.
  3. Motorization with PowerView® Automation: Motorization is a popular window treatment upgrade in modern Maryland homes because it adds efficiency and convenience to traditional window fashions. The Hunter Douglas collection's sheer and solar shades are available with PowerView Automation.

3 Differences Between Sheer and Solar Shades

  1. Use of Opaque Fabrics: Unlike Designer Solar Shades that use only view-through fabrics, models of sheer shades like Silhouette® Sheer Shades and Pirouette® Sheer Shades use both translucent and opaque fabrics. In these sheer shades, the sheer material comprises the base layer, and the opaque fabrics are used like vanes in a set of blinds.
  2. Vertical Applications: There are also vertical applications for sheer shades in the Hunter Douglas collection, unlike solar shades that only have horizontal uses. Luminette® Sheer Panels are the combination of sheer shades plus vertical blinds, great for vertical applications on patio doors, sliding glass doors, French doors, and picture windows.
  3. Drapery Applications: Sheer is an incredibly versatile material in the world of window treatments, which is why modern manufacturers use it in multiple styles of window coverings. Besides the horizontally orientated Silhouette and Pirouette Sheer Shades and the Luminette Sheer Panels for vertical treatments, homeowners can also find sheer material fashioned into drapery and side panels.
When it comes to sheer and solar shades, find the best style for your home with the help of the team at Kugler's Home Fashions, located near Silver Springs, Maryland. Request a consultation to discuss the many styles of sheer and screen shades available in the Hunter Douglas collection and custom options they have to better meet your household needs and match the existing décor. Kugler's Home Fashions serves residents and businesses in the tri-state area of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. around the greater Silver Springs area.