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Sonnette® Roller Shades for Your Home Office

With so many people spending more and more time working from home and many industries giving employees the option to remain remote, home offices are suddenly more important than ever. Today’s home offices are not simple task stations to deal with mail and surf the internet – they must be spaces where you can be comfortable, effective, and stylish. At Kugler’s Home Fashions, one of our favorite home office window treatments is Sonnette® Roller Shades. from Hunter Douglas.

Shades for Your Home Office, Hunter Douglas Sonette®Roller Shades near Silver Spring, Maryland (MD)


Having a comfortable workspace is essential for productivity. Two ways shades for your home office can help you stay comfortable for longer is by reducing glare and regulating temperature.

Sonnette® Roller Shades combine two layers of fabric that diffuse light, reducing the glare on your computer and other devices. That means less eyestrain and headaches, so your work can stop being a literal pain. Sonnette® shades are also available in semi-opaque and room-darkening fabrics for better light control.

The hidden second layer of Sonnette® shades creates a layer of air that blocks outside air temperatures, keeping your office at a more comfortable temperature. Best of all, the increased energy efficiency reduces strain on your HVAC unit, meaning your paycheck can go towards more of what you love instead.


For your home office to be an effective space, it is important to consider improving its ergonomics and minimizing distractions.

Spaces that are ergonomic are designed to combine efficiency with comfort. An ergonomic home office promotes good posture, comfortable access, and easy adjustments so there is less need to waste time seeking out what you need. Sonnette® Roller Shades are a very ergonomic window treatment, pairing the energy efficiency of a cellular shade with the simplicity of a roller shade. With LiteRise®, your Sonnette® shades can be adjusted by simply pushing up or pulling down, no cords or hassle required.

The best shades for home offices allow you to direct your full attention to your work, rather than your surroundings. Sonnette® Roller Shades cushion your office from outside sounds, creating a quiet space that promotes focus. They also are available with PowerView® Automation, a cutting-edge system that allows you to control your window treatments with a simple remote or with an app. You can even schedule an automation so your window treatments close to help you focus during the workday and open at the end of the day, reinforcing your work schedule without a second thought.


Last but not least, shades for your home office should help you express your sense of style. They’re as important to your design as the paint on your walls and the decor that displays your interests and passions. Luckily, Sonnette® Roller Shades from Hunter Douglas come in four different fabric collections so you can choose from a wide range of hues, from neutrals to vibrant.

Try soothing neutrals in your space with an accent of light green or soft blue on your shades for a touch of color that doesn’t overwhelm. Express your energetic go-getter personality with a pop of bold color, such as marigold or magenta.

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