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How to Customize Drapes to Suit Your Style

Drapery can make an excellent choice for window coverings throughout a home due to its incredible design flexibility and numerous customization options. And though there are many design options to consider, it is not difficult to customize drapes to your home’s style if you start with a clear understanding of the options available.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Custom Drapes installed in a home's interior


To customize drapes to your home décor, the choice of fabric is the obvious and first option to consider. There are hundreds of fabrics to consider, with a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. In addition to their aesthetics, drapery fabric choice can also affect the functionality of drapes, so careful consideration of what you want a treatment to look like and how you want it to function is necessary. For example, thicker, heavier fabrics block light better for room-darkening treatments, while fabrics with vertical striping can elongate the space, making it feel taller and more open. Additionally, in the Hunter Douglas fabric collection, the textile choices include designer fabrics made by contemporary artists, including Rebecca Atwood, Marcie Bronkar, and Seema Krish for high-end style in your custom-made drapes.


The beauty of being able to customize drapes specifically to your home design is that you’re guaranteed a perfect fit. Unlike pre-cut options with treatments that can be too small or too large, custom-made drapery will perfectly fit your home’s window size. As such, the lengths of your customized drapery can be anywhere from petite café style curtains for a kitchen to a completely full, floor-to-ceiling look in a living room - any length you need to bring your home’s unique style to life.


Just as you can choose different fabrics to customize drapes, you also get a choice of hardware when you have window treatments tailormade in your style. From metallic options to natural wood accents, the hardware on your custom-made drapes adds that finishing detail to complete the look. There are also style options that completely hide all hardware for a chic, modern look, often employing the use of a custom valance or cornice to achieve the desired effect.

Layered Options

When designing your drapery, remember that this style of window covering can work on its own as a solo window treatment, or you can add drapes to a multi-layered window fashion to create a more visually complex and functionally enhanced window treatment. Drapery pairs well with blinds, shutters, sheer shades, roller shades, and woven wood shades in multi-tiered treatments.

Operating Systems

Choosing an operating system is the last step of the process when you are going to customize drapes for your home. The operating system affects the daily use of your treatments, and so will also affect your daily routine. Motorized options such as PowerView® from Hunter Douglas make controlling your new drapes easy with multiple user-friendly interfaces like a handheld remote or the online PowerView® app.

Dive deeper into the world of custom-made drapes at Kugler’s Home Fashions. Shop the extensive fabric library by Hunter Douglas and work with their team of window treatment experts to customize drapes to suit your home style perfectly. Located near Silver Springs, Maryland, Kugler’s Home Fashions serves communities in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Request a consultation today.