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Bold Styles of Window Treatments

Bold-defined as having a strong or vivid appearance. Something that catches your eye and holds your attention, and in interior design, few things can do that as innately as window coverings. Taking up prime, eye-level real estate in most rooms, you can’t miss window treatments as you walk into almost any residential space. Additionally, as they control natural sunlight and access to the view, their visual dominance is based on both outward aesthetics and functional necessity. And while bold style may draw the eye, it doesn’t have to overwhelm the space; instead, it can enhance décor through collaborative design. So don’t be afraid to choose bold styles of window treatments for your home, like full drapery, modern shutters, and updated vertical treatments.

Bold Styles of Window Treatments, Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Drapery near Silver Springs, Maryland (MD)

Bold Style for Window Treatments


What makes drapes a bold style of window treatments is not only their size, which often extends far beyond the window frame itself but also the fabrics from which it is constructed. Fabric is a beautiful tool in interior design that can enrapture the viewer with its prints or patterns and its movement that gives life to this bold style for window treatments. In the Hunter Douglas collection, check out the Design Studio™ Drapery collection options for exclusive designer fabrics from Rebecca Atwood, Marcie Bronkar, and Seema Krish for high-end style and quality. Drapery also pairs well with interior coverings like shutters, cellular shades, roller shades, and blinds to create multi-tiered window fashions with a bold yet well-rounded sense of style.


Classic plantation-style shutters with small louvers in natural wood tones have long been a staple of traditional interior design, and the style still holds its timeless look today. However, customizable options for modern shutters have added an array of color and louver size options that transform the more reserved style of traditional shutters into bold styles for window treatments. Larger louver sizes not only have a more assertive look than smaller ones, but the correspondingly larger gaps between the louvers afford a much more open view for a dynamic visual focal point in the room. Color options like black or white for shutters also give the window treatment an updated and bolder style. Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters from Hunter Douglas are available in small, medium, and large louver sizes; they come in modern hues, including white shutters; and they have the additional benefit of motorization for the contemporary household.

Gliding Panels

Vertical options for window shades once were limited, often with design prioritizing operation over style. But nowadays, there are multiple options for bold styles of window treatments that have vertical applications. Skyline® Gliding Window Panels by Hunter Douglas use fabric-wrapped panels that glide side to side on tracks. When closed, the fabric is the star of this bold style for window treatments, much like drapery but with a more sculpted use of textiles. And when open, the gliding panels stack seamlessly to the side, making them ideal for windows with a great view. There is a rich choice of fabrics for Skyline Panels so that homeowners can create personalized treatments in tune with their home’s existing décor.

Talk with the design experts at Kugler’s Home Fashions about bold styles of window treatments for your home. Shop the entire Hunter Douglas collection at the showroom location near Silver Springs, Maryland, or request a free in-home consultation today. Kugler’s Home Fashions serves residents in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.