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Honeycomb Shades for a Modern Home

The Benefits of Honeycomb Shades

You’ve probably heard of cellular shades before, but have you heard about honeycomb shades? Honeycomb shades are a special type of cellular shade designed for optimal energy efficiency. They come in an array of shapes, sizes, and styles, making them perfect for an array of interior décor tastes. Honeycomb shades are a unique window treatment exclusive only to a few brands, however, the Duette® Collection from Hunter Douglas stands out among its competitors. Not only does this collection offer beautiful fashions, but also features several operating systems that make it easy to design the perfect home lighting system for your lifestyle. At Kugler’s Home Fashions, we carry a full collection of premium Hunter Douglas window coverings, including fabulous cellular shades and honeycomb shades to help keep your home nice and comfortable all year long.

Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades – Silver Spring, Maryland (MD) honeycomb shades for a modern home.

What are honeycomb shades?

Honeycomb shades are a type of window covering made from a continuous material designed to fold along crisp pleats for a voluminous style. On the outside, you enjoy a gorgeous fashion that adds a pop of visual interest to your windows. On the inside, your honeycomb shades work to trap air that would otherwise escape and make it difficult to keep your home heated and cooled, which can easily raise your energy bills.

Here are just a few reasons why honeycomb shades should be on your radar:

Benefit 1: Improved energy efficiency

Did you know your windows can be responsible for up to 30% of your home’s energy losses? Unprotected windows make it easy for excessive sunlight to heat your home, making it difficult for your home’s central heating and cooling to maintain a consistent temperature. This can also damage your furniture with harmful UV rays. Duette® Honeycomb Shades not only block out excessive light but are expertly designed with top-quality construction designed to keep your home better insulated for cooler summers and warmer winters.

Benefit 2: Array of styles

Honeycomb shades give you flexibility when it comes to choosing your interior décor. With the exclusive Alustra® Collection from Hunter Douglas, it’s easy to find the perfect shades to compliment your taste. Whether you like deco, mid-century modern, chic, or minimalistic interior décor, this collection is sure to have a timeless fabric you’ll fall in love with. Luxurious colors and vibrant patterns add a pop of visual interest to your windows, worthy of statement pieces, subtle complementary pieces, and anything in-between.

Benefit 3: Ultimate convenience

Honeycomb shades offer several unique operating systems to choose from. For manual operation, we love to recommend LiteRise®. Perfectly position your window coverings for all-day hold by gently pushing or pulling your shades into place. For innovative style, we recommend sleek motorization, like PowerView® Automation. Transform your window treatments into smart technology you can control wirelessly from anywhere in your home. Program your honeycomb shades to open and close on a schedule you create in the convenient PowerView® smartphone app. PowerView® even features adaptive lighting that syncs to your local sunrise and sunset times, making it easy to power your daily life with natural light.


On the market for new honeycomb shades? Let us help you find your new favorite home accent. Contact us or call us at (301) 580-3222 to schedule a free in-home consultation. Or, come visit us at our showroom in Silver Spring, MD where you can experience these stunning honeycomb shades in action. We are always proud to serve all of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.